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February 2012 Issue:

Annual 2012

100+ Best Gardening ideas: Every gardener's dream plot! Start your seeds now; 10 must-haves to stock your potting shed; Hottest destinations for garden lovers and more!

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4 From the Editor

8 Feedback
What you think about what we do

8 CG Online
What’s new on our website

76 CG Dossier
More from the pages of Canadian Gardening

90 Natural Selection
We love our native dogwood

CG Market

11 News & Trends
Fresh ideas and products for better gardening

16 Eco-minded Gardener
Turf toolbox: Grass that naturally resists diseases, pests and weeds

18 Profile
Winterberry: Our native holly makes its mark in winter gardens

22 Stephen Speaks
Reading loud & clear: Stephen Westcott-Gratton is hearing voices in the garden

24 Health
Peppermint: Cool and refreshing, it soothes digestive troubles

26 Beauty
Sweet scents: Let the aroma of plants soothe your mind and body

How To

28 Dirty Work
Beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques for seed-sowing

30 Gardening 101
Frankie’s favourites: Frankie Flowers’ fail-safe garden picks gardens

32 Passport to Style
Take inspiration from gardens abroad and bring the look home

38 A Peaceful Union
This tranquil garden is two parts Zen, one part English country

44 Portable Paradise
Homeowner Mary Gore creates an equatorial escape in her backyard

48 Gardens of Plenty
The hottest garden destinations at home and abroad

54 Full Spectrum
A dramatic circular garden overflowing with every hue on the classic colour wheel

64 A Ring of Roses
Sofie Bigham finds a focus for her boundless passion for roses

68 Weeds to Woods
An Ontario gardener turns a tangle of trees into a winning allée

72 11 Design Lessons from Grenada
Apply lessons learned in the tropics in your own northern garden

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