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April 2012 Issue:

April 2012

Your garden checklist!
Seed your lawn; Prep flowerbeds; Start your veggies; Heavenly hellebores to inspire; 7 best colours for your garden; scented begonias to plant right now and more!

Table of Contents


5 From the Editor

7 Feedback
What you think about what we do

8 CG Online
What's new on our website

80 CG Dossier
More from the pages of Canadian Gardening

90 Natural Selection
We love our native bloodroot


11 News & Trends
Fresh ideas and products for better gardening

15 Plant Rx
Air apparent: Environmental toxins that are harmful to plants

16 Health
Safe: This savoury herb boasts a range of curative powers

18 Profile
Primroses: One of the first flowers to arrive at spring's garden party

24 Stephen Speaks
A Garden gone to the dog: Ruff love is the order of the day with a brand-new puppy to train

26 Inspiration
Saluting spring: Five fresh-cut creations to welcome the season


28 Dirty Work
Beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques for prepping your planting beds

32 Gardening 101
April hours for May flowers: Frankie Flowers sets out eight spring tasks

34 Plant Combo
Partners in time: A charming woodland quartet


40 Show & Tell
This front garden features a spring bulb show that lasts for weeks

44 Beyond Borders
An artist's garden is a unique mix of natural and hand-forged beauty

48 Belles of Spring
Fabulous hellebores open the show in a star-studded Vancouver garden

62 Country Strong
On this country lot, informal paths and plots let glorious plantings shine

66 Passing the Torch
Hundreds of rhododendrons tell a tale of two equal botanical passions


36 Aroma Therapy
Scented tuberous begonias bring a new dimension to a garden standby

56 Chasing Rainbows

If your garden were a personality test, do you think you would pass with flying colours?

72 Spring Fling
Savour the flavour of this season's tender treasures in dishes that focus on freshness

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