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Garden eye spy: Otherworldly beauty

Do you ever stop to admire a pretty bloom or interesting plant and find yourself almost in disbelief that such beauty is of this world? I often find myself thinking exactly that when I’m out and about viewing the world through my camera. It focuses your vision upon one tiny spot of life, forcing you to really see it in a way you may have never considered before.

Photo by Laura L. Benn

Take this evocative lilac-coloured flower for example. See how it seems to glow with an effervescent glory, flaunting its delicately poised petals without shame? I’m not sure how many times I’ve walked by it on my way home from work, but now that I’ve stopped to really appreciate its presence it seems almost too good to be true.  What plants have you discovered lately?

{Laura L. Benn is the Multi-brand Web Content Editor at TC Media.  Follow her writing, photography and other creative ventures on her blog, Acquired Taste or via Twitter.}

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