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Decorating with succulents

I grew up in a household that was always full of flowers and plants. My mom loves having fresh flowers around the house – she would collect flowers from local florists or from her own garden every weekend and switch out the vases Sunday mornings. She also has a substantial orchid collection that could wow most gardeners! I’ve come to expect being surrounded by flowers, so when I moved out years ago, I have tried to continue this tradition. Currently I have eight orchids in my apartment (probably one too many but I just love them!). However, orchids can be a difficult plant to live with. They are gorgeous for a few weeks/months, and then the flowers fall and you have to be patient and wait a while for them to re-bloom. On the weekend I decided to go a different route and purchased a few small succulents – a plant that I have never had before.

I love the simplicity of these small-scale plants. The shapes are fun and the natural green/purple/blue colouring is beautiful and unique to each plant. I have a clear glass cloche on a shelf by my window and have placed a few of these under the glass dome, creating a very elegant display. I placed another succulent (in a plain white pot) next to a stack of books, acting as a bookend.

I consulted garden-savvy friends for some more information on succulents. Above all I was told two key things to keep in mind when caring for them. First, they are considered desert plants, meaning they strive in hot, dry spots with lots of sunshine. So be sure not to place them in a room that lacks natural light. And second, water them sparingly! The soil needs to completely dry out between waterings.

I’m told they are relatively foolproof to take care of so we’ll see how it goes. If I can keep eight orchids alive, I’ve got to be able to handle succulents…right?

What are your go-to indoor plants?

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