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‘Tis the season for Seedy Saturdays

This past weekend, I headed to St. Catharines with my husband to attend Niagara Seedy Saturday. The event was bustling. I could barely get near some of the seed tables at certain points, the seminar I attended about composting was standing room only, and the fresh roast beef lunch and pie served by the church where the event was held was evidently really popular.

I had some great chats with fellow garden writers Dan Cooper (co-author of Gardening from a Hammock) and Steven Biggs (author of Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t and No Guff Vegetable Gardening), Bob Martin of Martin Farms whom I’ve met at various gardening events, seed sellers Hanna Jacobs from Matchbox Garden & Seed Co., and Rick and Allan from Anything Grows Seed Co., as well as Katherine Fox of Garden Making magazine.

And, of course, I brought home a bunch of seeds:

My seed haul - I'm going to need more garden beds!

Here is what I got: Green Arrow peas from the event itself, Golden Globe Turnip and Walla Walla Onion from Matchbox Garden; Bouquet Dill, Solar Yellow Carrot, Sumter Pickling Cucumber, Sunflower Velvet Queen and Big Max Giant Pumpkin from Urban Harvest; Baby Boo pumpkin and Double Standard Sweet Corn from Anything Grows. Rick and Allan also gave me a packet of Goji Berry and Cucamelon to try (more about those in another post).

It was interesting going to the show with my husband because he picked seeds I wouldn’t have thought of like the pumpkins and corn (I think the corn will be a struggle with the raccoons, but we’ll try), and the pickling cucumbers with a pickling dill.

Not only do we need more garden space (i.e. digging up more lawn), but I’ll need more space to start my seeds!

Which Seedy Saturday events will you be attending?

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