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5 healthy smoothie recipes

Craving something sweet, but want to skip the calories? A delicious and healthy smoothie is the perfect alternative. Great for breakfast on-the-go, an afternoon treat or a post workout snack.


Try one (or all) of these smoothie recipes this weekend. Created by market editor, Amanda Etty they not only taste delicious, but are full of healthy ingredients.

cs-blog-vitamin-c-smoothie{PHOTO: Ryan Brook/TC Media}

1 Vitamin C boost smoothie
Ward off cold weather chills with this fruit and veggie-loaded smoothie.

cg-blog-raspberry-smoothie{PHOTO: Joe Kim/TC Media}

2 Raspberry and peanut butter smoothie
Raspberries and creamy peanut butter combine to create a delicious smoothie.

recipe-smoothie-kale{PHOTO: Ryan Brook/TC Media}

3 Lean and green kale smoothie
Boost your natural health and well-being with this delicious kale smoothie.

recipe-smoothie-chocolate{PHOTO: Joe Kim/TC Media}

4 Decadent chocolate smoothie
This decadent raw chocolate smoothie is made with healthy ingredients and no refined sugars.

cg-blog-blueberry-smoothie{PHOTO: Joe Kim/TC Media}

5 Blueberry breakfast smoothie
Whip fresh, antioxidant-rich blueberries into a tasty morning smoothie.

Do YOU have a favourite smoothie recipe?

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