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6 weekend must-trys

Happy Friday! Not sure what’s on your agenda this weekend? No need to worry! From do-it-yourself projects to delicious summer recipes, here are 6 things worth adding to your weekend to-do list.

cg-blog-stone-planter{PHOTO: Joe Kim/TC Media}

1 Build a stone planter for succulents
Turn inexpensive stone slabs into a monolithic-style container for houseplants.

recipe-chili-lime-corn{PHOTO: Maya Visnyei}

2 Chili lime buttered corn on the cob
Give your corn on the cob some kick with chili, lime and garden-fresh herbs.

cg-blog-toronto-flower-market{PHOTO: Toronto Flower Market}

3 Toronto Flower Market
Visiting Toronto this weekend? Then you’ll definitely want to check out all the beautiful blooms at the Toronto Flower Market!

cg-blog-refresh-planters {PHOTO: Mark Burstyn}

4 Give tired containers a late-season tune-up
Take your displays from weary to cheery with these tips.

cg-blog-peach-cake{PHOTO: Edward Pond}

5 Perfect peach cake
Carefully slice seasonal peaches to create a dessert inspired by the south of France.

cg-blog-flower-arrangement{PHOTO: Joe Kim/TC Media}

6 Seasonal arrangement: Mellow yellow
This bright and sunny arrangement is perfect for summer.

What’s on YOUR weekend to-do list?

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