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Garden eye spy: Photography tip

Last week I gushed about the beauty and promise of morning light and apparently I can’t get enough of it! Here is another garden photo illuminated by a sunny glow and this week I’m going to share a photography tip so you too can capture a beautiful moment like this on camera!
The trick to achieving an image with a soft ethereal glow is to make sure that your light source (the sun, if you’re using natural night) is behind your photo subject. When shooting a flower in particular this ensures that the petals will be illuminated and retain their colour. If you photograph a flower with a strong light source hitting it from the front, the flower will become washed out or very high contrast which ruins the aesthetic of the image.

Once your light source is properly lined up, shoot ‘through’ the flower — not from above, not from below, but directly through it to capture the colours and glow at the same time. If need be use a camera hood or cup your hand above the camera lens to avoid any unwanted flares. Happy photographing!

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