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In which I plant some healthy ideas and reap some better health

This spring I was having some nasty headaches, which seemed to be developing from my constantly tense shoulders. I was climbing into bed aching and exhausted almost every night, but my life was busy with kids and home and garden and community, and I didn’t take the time to get any help other than having Chris rub my back as I washed supper dishes. I got good and fed up with it one night a couple of weeks ago and called my brother, a chiropractor in Calgary. I told him my symptoms, and he asked me a bunch of questions. He told me his over-the-phone diagnosis boiled down to lousy posture. My back went up immediately – in the figurative sense – but then I realized he was I right. I have pretty horrible posture. I’m a sloucher. He ran through a few stretches I could do, and admonished me to see a massage therapist and a real live face to face chiropractor. I thanked him and went to bed.

The next morning, while digging in the garden planting some very, very, very late potatoes (a girl can dream, right?), I realized I was totally hunching into myself over the shovel, giving what I thought was my all my strength into each step. I stopped, tried to recall what my brother had taught me the night before, and corrected my posture, making a conscience effort to roll my shoulders back and down. I immediately felt a difference. I was actually getting more power with each dig, it took less effort, and was not at all uncomfortable. I realized my gardening habits were likely contributing to my miserable body.

Life hasn’t slowed down any, but I’ve been paying much closer attention to my posture, and I’m already reaping the benefits: no more headaches, fewer body aches, more accomplished in the garden (and the house) because I’m not wasting so much energy. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that I’m making my inconsistent yoga practice more consistent, too. I haven’t fit in a visit to the chiropractor or for a massage, but the minute I find one willing to do house calls at 7 a.m. or 10:30 p.m., I’ll book ‘em.

Here’s a few resources to help you in your efforts to stay healthy.
-Maintaining your core muscles will help your whole body, and protect it from injury. Contracting your abdomen before lifting, bending, etc. will protect your lower back.

-Cultivate healthy gardening habits. Remember, your body is a tool as well. It needs care and proper use.

-A wall angel is the first exercise my brother recommended for my tense shoulders and neck. A great stretch to train your shoulders to a healthier position. Focus on bringing your shoulder blades down and together.
-Yoga Journal has lots of great resources, including a list of positions to target different parts of the body, even to target chronic issues.

-If you’re new to yoga, here’s five great simple stretches for gardeners. (the descriptions are to the right of the pictures.)

-Prevention is always better than treating an injury.

Good-for-you spa-a-ah

Jocelyna Dubuc is a woman ahead of the curve. More than 30 years ago and long before it became fashionable, she began composting, practicing water and energy conservation, planting organic, pesticide-free gardens and observing many other eco-friendly practices at Spa Eastman. Located in the gorgeous Eastern Townships of Quebec, an easy drive from Montreal, this destination spa–dedicated to the pursuit of relaxation, fitness and a healthy lifestyle– was recently named “Best Affordable Spa” in the 6th annual Spa Finder.com readers’ choice awards.

Along with the six other journalists invited on our Girlfriend Getaway, I spent a tranquil 24 hours in this lovely place. There I enjoyed the delights of its 315 wooded acres, the wide array of delicious and wholesome food choices at mealtimes, locally sourced as much as possible (in the photo: rabbit and an array of veggies).

I love good food (um, perhaps just a tad too much), and can report there’s nothing miserly or holier-than-thou about the size of portions here. Organic wine is available as well.

At the spa, I was treated to lymphatic drainage as well as a demonstration of watsu underwater massage, which felt a bit like returning to the womb. (Guilty treat: I also plumped for a 1/2 hour numerology consultation–a first for me. And hey, my numbers are looking good!)

Several of us also went on a head-clearing anti-stress walk with Ms. Dubuc (she’s the one to my left in the white parka, above) and all of us attended two interesting symposia. The first was given by Edith Smeesters, a biologist who has been at the vanguard of the anti-pesticide movement in Quebec. The founder of Nature-Action Quebec and the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP), Ms. Smeesters led a workshop titled “One Step at a Time to Save the Planet,” a useful overview of the many simple ways we can all work together to make this a better and healthier world.

The second (and far less familiar to me as a topic) was aimed at helping people understand stress, emotions and health. Ilona Barbara Dowgiallo, who is on staff at Spa Eastman, earned a doctorate in physics and spent 15 years in a department of nuclear medicine specializing in cancer research before pursuing her interest in the role proper nutrition and the body’s energy circuits play in health. She has studied acupuncture and is a certified naturopath. What followed was an absorbing 1 1/2 hours, during which Dr. Dowgiallo outlined which emotions affect what parts of the body (for example, anger affects the liver and sadness affects the lungs, while anxiety affects the digestion and stomach), and put forward her support for natural healing by eating for your blood type, unblocking the body’s energy circuits, meditating, getting some sunshine daily to stimulate the pineal gland and using Bach Flower Remedies (devised in early 20th century England by Dr. Edward Bach) to help alleviate various problems.

Then again, as gardeners, we know all about the power of flowers, don’t we?

“Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type” by Dr. Peter d’Adamo (also: www.dadamo.com)
Info on Bach Flower Remedies: www.bachcentre.com/centre/remedies.htm
More info on emotions and organs: www.shen-nong.com/eng/principles/bodyorgans.html

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