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Create a bird paradise in your backyard

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Birds with flock to your yard with these attractive accessories

Copper birdbath (above) A solar-powered pump recirculates the water, which attracts birds and prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs; wrought-iron base, 32" tall x 19.5" diameter, US$179.95, from Ham­macher Schlemmer. Photo courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer.

songbird-feeder.jpgSongbird feeder A hit of colour (also available in blue, green and yellow), 11.25" h x 7" w x 6" d, $45, from Le Petit Chalet
thistle-feeder.jpgMini armoured thistle feeder Armour bands and metal die-castings provide excellent squirrel defence, 8" h, $34.45, from Urban Nature Store
caged-feeder.jpgCopper round caged feeder Outer wires keep squirrels out and provide birds with a safe haven, 8.5" tall, $28.99, from Elmira Birding
seed-saucer.jpgSeed saucer Perfect for your less-than-fastidious feathered friends, this UV-resistant, polypropylene saucer catches dropped seeds and empty shells, which can kill the grass below and attract rodents; 16¾" dia. x 3¼" h, $19.95; from Lee Valley

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