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A vibrant Victorian holiday entrance

Beckie Fox
Photography by
Roger Yip

Opulent ribbon and perfectly draped boughs elegantly frame a doorway

Design tips for your outdoor arrangements
Regardless of where your imagination takes you, a few practical guidelines and design tips will help make your new outdoor look a success.

  • Place base materials first, usually evergreen branches. Bellis likes Noble fir because of its two-tone needles (green on top, silvery green on the underside). Next, add large items to create focal points, in odd numbers and at varying heights. Finally, fill in with lighter and smaller materials for a full, lush look.
  • Repeat materials to tie containers, swags and wreaths together. Try to place arrangements at different heights: a wreath at eye level, containers at floor level and perhaps a small cluster or “corsage” on a mailbox or outdoor light, for example.
  • The arrangements shown here are sheltered, so Bellis didn’t have to worry about extreme winds or heavy snow cover. She advises against using Styrofoam berries or fruit, as they’ll disintegrate quickly if exposed to rain or snow. Artificial berries, fruits or leaves with a rubber or plastic coating last longer and can be reused.
  • Arrangements made with a minimum of holiday bling are more likely to look suitable throughout winter.

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