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Build a stone planter for succulents

Shane Powers
Photography by
Gentl & Hyers

Turn inexpensive stone slabs into a monolithic-style container for houseplants.

There is something about succulents that feels from another era. They have a prehistoric quality, so it seems only fitting to plant them in a monolithic-style stone planter, as if they have sprung up among ancient ruins. Here, inexpensive concrete paving slabs from a home renovation store are transformed into a handsome planter holding a mix of sedums, lithops, and echeveria. I like to create two of these planters to display together as a striking pair.

For each planter:
  • Three 5½-in-/14-cm-square paving stones (to make two sides and the bottom)
  • Two 5½-by-8-in/14-cm-by-20-cm rectangular paving stones (to make the two longer sides)
  • Liquid Nails
  • 2-in-/5-cm-wide duct tape
  • Plastic carrier bag to use as a liner
  • Scissors
  • Small drainage stones
  • Cactus/succulent potting soil
  • Assorted small sedums, lithops, and echeveria (approximately 25 plants)
  • Small spoon or chopstick
  • Soft paintbrush

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