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Build a stone planter for succulents

Shane Powers
Photography by
Gentl & Hyers

Turn inexpensive stone slabs into a monolithic-style container for houseplants.

Putting it all together

Step 1: Assemble the planter. Lay the paving stones backside up as shown. Apply Liquid Nails adhesive to each paving stone as shown, approximately ¾ in/2 cm in from the edge.

succulent-stone-assembly.jpgStep 2: Starting with the square stones, press the stones into place vertically one at a time (they will stand upright on their own). Then wrap entire planter in duct tape as shown to hold the stones in place while the adhesive dries overnight.

Step 3: Once the planter is complete and the adhesive has dried, remove the duct tape. Fit the plastic carrier bag in the bottom and cut it so it sits about 1 in/2.5 cm below the top of the planter.

Step 4: Fill the liner bag with about 1½ in/4 cm of drainage stones at the bottom, then the potting soil.

Step 5: Sort out the arrangement of the plants while they are still in their original containers, being mindful of both color and form. You want to be able to see the shapes of all the plants even though they are close together; avoid placing all of the taller plants in one spot, and instead work toward an even distribution of sizes.

Step 6: Begin planting in the center and work your way out toward the edges. To unpot the succulents, gently squeeze around their containers until the root ball loosens and the plant can be removed. Use a small spoon or a bamboo skewer to make little holes for the plants to rest in, and then move the soil back around the base of the plant.

Step 7: Once you have planted everything, gently brush off any soil caught in the plants with the paintbrush.


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