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Craft botanical toppers for gifts

Snip a little evergreen here, or a cedar bough there, to decorate your presents


Project tips
  • The impact of this botanical embellishment may be high class, but making it is low effort. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete, but things will go even faster if you put together several toppers at a time in assembly-line fashion. For example, do all your gluing of pairs of cinnamon sticks for several toppers, then add the cedar sprigs to each, and so on.
  • Greenery is always nicer fresh, but because it holds its shape when dried, you can make this gift embellishment days in advance of exchanging presents.
  • We used glitter mixed with gloss medium to add sparkle to our pinecone, but glitter paint or even sparkly nail polish will work. To coat the cone completely in sparkle, paint the pinecone with white glue then sprinkle it with glitter, shaking off any excess. If you prefer a more natural look, forgo the glitter completely.
  • For our topper, we used 1”-wide ribbon; a thinner or thicker width will give you a different look.

A former design editor with a fine arts degree, Corinna provides creative gift wrapping and packaging services in Toronto. She also writes articles about gift wrapping for some of Canada’s leading national magazines, including Canadian Living, Style at Home and Best Health. Visit her website  for more about her gift wrapping services and workshops, and to read her blog Corinna Wraps.


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