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Create a living wreath

Adorn your door with this cheerful, plant-filled wreath

How to put it all together

Step 1: Wearing gloves, mix the soil, compost, fertilizer and water-retaining crystals in a bucket and soak well. Working on a large bench or table, place moss face down in a circle about 75 centimetres in diameter. Overlap pieces, filling spaces with smaller chunks to make sure there are no gaps.

living-wreath-1.jpgStep 2: Place the wire frame in the centre of moss circle, open side up (as shown at right). Arrange soil in a ring inside frame.

living-wreath-2.jpgStep 3: Slip one end of the florist’s wire under the moss, taking it from outside the circle in toward the centre. Where the wire goes under, gently lift moss up from both the centre and the outside of the ring, wrapping it around the frame to enclose the soil. Secure the moss by tying the wire around it once and tightly knotting it before continuing. This forms the first coil of wire.

Step 4: Work your way around the circle, creating the wreath form by folding moss over the soil and wrapping the wire firmly around it at approximately 2.5-centimetre intervals. When you reach the starting point, cut wire, leaving about 40 centimetres to later make a hanger for the wreath.

living-wreath-3.jpgStep 5: Begin a new piece of wire at the original starting point, repeating the wrapping process while inserting plants. (The wiring should follow the planting.) To put in a plant, pierce a hole in the moss with the scissors or knife and make a space in the soil with your finger. Slightly loosen the root ball, push in plant and secure it by firmly wrapping the next coil of wire around the wreath.

living-wreath-4.jpgStep 6: Continue, selecting plants for a pleasing mix of colour and texture, placing some closer to the centre, others farther to the outside until the wreath is fully planted. Cut the wire and tie it into the starting coil. For an added touch, push interesting twigs into the moss to peep out between flowers.

For the hanger: Thread the end of the extra 40-centimetre piece of wire under one of the coils and make an eight-centimetre loop; double it back twice to make a three-strands-thick hanger. Tie off the wire.


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