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Create a living wreath

Adorn your door with this cheerful, plant-filled wreath

Pro tips

  • Choose plants carefully. Will your wreath be hanging in sun or shade? Do you want a mix of flowers and foliage? annuals and perennials? A wreath can be purely decorative—one made with ivy brought inside to the sunroom for the winter, for example—or functional as well: a ring of herbs for a miniature kitchen garden.
  • Mix in a slow-release fertilizer with the soil to keep plants well fed. Once it’s gone, use a water-soluble fertilizer when irrigating. Keep in mind, soil nutrients in a hanging wreath leach away faster than those in containers.
  • Don’t let your wreath dry out. The best way to water your creation is to lay it flat on the ground, give it a good soaking, then let the wreath drain before hanging again. I recommend adding water-retaining crystals to the soil, which will keep it moist longer.
  • Remove spent blooms throughout the season to encourage more blossoms and keep the wreath tidy.

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