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Create mosaic art to display in the garden

Bonnie Summerfeldt
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

Use broken tile or china to jazz up a plain pot or other outdoor accessory


Project tips for mosaics
  • This mosaic technique also works on tabletops. Be sure to find a base that will stand up to the outdoors, such as marine plywood or metal.
  • Not all cement-based adhesives are effective on wood, so prime the surface first. For indoor projects you can use non-water-soluble craft glue.
  • Don't pour mortar or grout down the drain. Wait a day or two until it separates, then pour the liquid down the drain and put the solids into the garbage.
  • Never mosaic the edge of a project, such as a table, that will get moved around often. The mortared pieces may shift or come off if handled too much.
  • If desired, apply a couple of coats of tile sealer for extra protection.

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