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DIY living wreath: Strawberry

Create a modern wreath garden using summer's favourite berry.

Add a dash of country chic to any space with this living strawberry wreath. The leaves on the strawberry plant add wonderful texture punctuated by sweet white blossoms and tender green and red berries.

Harvest the strawberries throughout summer to add to your favourite dishes, or pop them directly into your mouth. There is nothing quite like the aroma and taste of a sun-ripened strawberry freshly picked!

DIY living wreath: Strawberry
Strawberries thrive in full sun and love moist soil. Water your wreath by submerging in water once or twice a week for two to three minutes or with a long and gentle soak with water from a garden hose. If you are watering by hose, spray a stream of water over the wreath, wait a few minutes and then repeat the procedure to allow the wreath to become fully saturated. Drain well before rehanging. Prevent garden thieves by covering your fruiting wreath with netting, or just watch the berries and pick them quickly as they ripen.


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