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DIY living wreath: Strawberry

Create a modern wreath garden using summer's favourite berry.



1 Start with a damp­ ened wreath base.

2 With forceps or a screwdriver, make a hole through the moss and into the core of the wreath­base soil.

3 Grasp the base of a strawberry plant with forceps and gently place it into the hole, tucking the stems inside.

4 Push the surround­ing moss around the stems to secure the plant. Stagger and space plants 2" apart.

5 Strawberry plants send out long vine-­like stems and leaves called runners. These can become a bit unruly and will wildly drape off your wreath. Pin down the long stems with U-­shaped pins to tidy up the wreath and to keep it looking circular.

6 This wreath should lay flat for two to three weeks after planting to allow for roots to take hold before hanging.

diy-living-wreath-book.jpgExcerpted from Living Wreaths by Natalie Bernhisel Robinson Copyright © 2014 Gibbs Smith. Photography Copyright © 2014 Susan Barnson Hayward. Excerpted by permission of Gibbs Smith, Layton, Utah. All rights reserved.

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