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DIY living wreath: Tomato

With its earthy scent, beautiful green foliage and pops of red and yellow this living tomato wreath is a summertime stunner.

Look for small cherry tomato seedlings or any type of dwarf tomato plants that are bred specifically for hanging baskets. For even more colour and visual punch, try mixing in an orange variety, such as Sun Gold. tomato-wreath-cms.jpg
DIY living wreath: Tomato
Keep this tomato wreath watered well and in full sun for best results. Water the wreath by fully submerging it in water two to three times a week or let the weather dictate how often. If you have trouble finding a large enough container to fully submerge the wreath, try using the lid from a large metal garbage can flipped over. Let the wreath sit in shallow water until it soaks enough water to saturate its moss/soil base, adding water if necessary

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