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Gather fresh blooms to make a floral pomander ball

Lauren Flanagan
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Lauren Flanagan

Brighten any occasion with these fragrant and fabulous floral decorations

Assembling a flower ball
  • Start with the 3" ball of floral foam (oasis). While it can be tempting to use larger balls, they can get quite heavy when soaked in water so it's best to stick with small ones. Remember also that it will get much bigger as you add the flowers.
  • Allow the oasis to soak in a dish of water. Do not submerge the ball but rather let it sit and absorb the water on its own.
  • Once the water has been absorbed, remove it from the bowl and allow it to drain. This will prevent it from dripping while you attach the flowers.
  • Take a long piece of ribbon and crisscross it around the ball to make a handle or bow. Depending on the kind of ribbon you use (satin, grosgrain, etc.), you may want to use some small pins to secure it. The flower blossoms will cover the ribbon and pins so use as many as you need to secure it.
  • Cut the stems of your flowers to about half the width of the ball. This will leave enough of a stem to penetrate the ball without the stems running into each other. Always cut stems on an angle to provide them with maximum drinking space.
  • Starting from the top, push the stem of the first flower into the oasis, ensuring it sinks all the way into the foam. Continue in a straight line until the ball is ringed with flowers. Then make a line halfway around and fill in the quarters. The idea is to cover the entire surface so there are no gaps between the blossoms. Hold on to the ball or hang it from the ribbon while you insert the flowers.



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