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Gather fresh blooms to make a floral pomander ball

Lauren Flanagan
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Lauren Flanagan

Brighten any occasion with these fragrant and fabulous floral decorations


Rosemary's keep-it-fresh tips
  • Mix and match flowers and use small pieces of greenery to fill in any gaps.
  • Make them no more than two days in advance of the event where they'll be displayed.
  • Once they're made, place each one in a clear plastic bag, leaving the ribbon out so it can be hung from a hanger (so the flowers won't get flattened).
  • Before sealing the bag closed, mist the flowers with water to keep them damp.
  • Store the balls in a naturally cool, damp area, keeping them away from heat and light.
  • Do not crank up the air conditioning because air conditioners tend to de-humidify as they cool. As the moisture is taken away, the flowers could collapse.


Lauren Flanagan is a freelance writer and prop stylist in Toronto, specializing in antiques, home d├ęcor and travel. Her work has appeared in several Canadian publications including Style at Home, where she was the assistant design editor.


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