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Give old garden accessories a new lease on life

Karen Kirk
Photography by
Roger Yip

Make items from old garden chairs to ho-hum resin containers look like new with these easy ideas


Even past their prime, terracotta planters can be revived with a touch of paint and simple, stencilled garden motifs. For a weathered look, dip the brush into the paint (remove any excess with a paper towel), then apply randomly, layering paint as desired. Be sure to leave some terracotta exposed. Stencil or write the names of the herbs on the pot.


Metal pails
Turn a utilitarian, galvanized pail into a stylish container. Poke drainage holes in the bottom with a hammer and nail. Apply a coat or two of acrylic latex ivory-coloured paint. When dry, create a fern motif using a stencil kit and acrylic craft paint.



An inexpensive resin planter is transformed into a rustic, stone-like trough with Natural Stone FX, a ready-mixed, water-based plaster product available at most hardware/home improvement stores. Using a brush, apply Natural Stone FX to the entire surface, then let dry. In separate containers, dilute small amounts of green and yellow paint using one part water to two parts paint; apply each colour sparingly with a brush or rag until you achieve the desired mossy, aged look. Immediately remove any excess paint with a clean rag.


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