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Light up patio parties with DIY lanterns

Jennifer Roos
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Jennifer Roos

Jazz up some empty jars with pretty paper to add ambience to your outdoor space

Lacing up your lantern
For this lantern, choose heavy vellum with a touch of sparkle. The lantern shown in the photo above is made using white vellum with embossed glitter flowers. Follow the basic instructions, with one exception. Leave a two-inch overlap when you measure and cut the vellum. Roll the vellum to make a shade, but don't glue it just yet. Use paperclips to hold the shape and make sure the shade will slip onto the jar. Where the papers overlap, punch two holes side by side (about a half inch apart) an inch from the bottom. Punch two more, lined up with the bottom holes, an inch from the top. In the middle, punch four holes, two on top of each other. These holes must line up with the top and bottom holes. Use the photograph as a guide.

Now, glue the seam, making sure the holes line up and are not covered. With the paperclips keeping it together, lace up the lantern with thin ribbon. At the bottom, slip one end of the ribbon through the first hole and out the second. Even out the ribbon ends. Cross over and thread each end through the lower middle hole. Come out through the top middle hole. Cross over and thread through the top holes. To tie the ribbon in a bow, you must thread the ribbon on the right through the left hole and vice versa. Tie a bow.

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