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Light up patio parties with DIY lanterns

Jennifer Roos
Photography by
Jennifer Roos

Jazz up some empty jars with pretty paper to add ambience to your outdoor space

Accessorizing your lantern with beautiful butterflies
This lantern is a simple shade over a strip of complementary coloured vellum, decorated with faux butterflies. To make it, cut a strip of coloured vellum wide enough to wrap around the jar and overlap by an inch. Glue the seam so that it will just slip onto the jar. It should be tight. Make a simple shade to cover this. Dollar and craft supplies stores sell pretty butterflies in all colours. Use a hot-melt glue gun to attach a few to the shade.

Practising candle safety
Because these lanterns are made from paper, it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that they cannot be left outside. A simple solution is to display them on a metal tray. When the stars are out and you’re ready for bed, blow out the candles and carry the tray in with you. Use tea lights inside the jars and be very careful when lighting them. Never leave burning candles unattended. Battery-operated tea lights are a safe alternative.

Jennifer Roos is a craft book author, freelance writer and photographer living in Quispamsis, New Brunswick.

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