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Make your own cards out of pressed flowers

Gabriela Delworth
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Gabriela Delworth

Tie a ribbon around a complete set for a green thumb gift

4. Run the blender or food processor slowly at first and increase the speed until the pulp looks smooth and well-blended. Make sure that no large flakes of paper remain. Remove any unblended paper chunks.

5. Pour your pulp and water into your washbasin or laundry tub.

6. Gently stir the pulp with your hands and add enough water to have your pulp floating freely in the wash basin or laundry tub. Let the pulp rest a few hours.

7. To embed your pressed flowers and leaves as part of your card design, add the pressed flowers and leaves to the wash basin or laundry tub.

Dip the mould and deckle into the bottom of your wash basin or laundry tub.

9. Lift the mould and deckle to the surface of the water collecting the paper pulp with the pressed flowers and leaves on top of the mould and deckle.

Let the excess water drip off and drain for a few minutes.

11. Boot trays are great to place the paper moulds to dry. It will take about 24 hours to dry depending on the weather.

Once the paper is dry, it can be cut, folded and stored in between paper sheets and inside plastic boxes to keep it safe from dust, humidity and light.


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