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Mantel magic

Christina Selby
Photography by
Roger Yip

Make winter blues vanish with a festive display of winter greens

mantel-magic-step5.gifStep 5:

For more delicate blooms, such as these orchids, place freshly cut flowers into water tubes. (This is also a great way to stretch your budget—orchids are puchased by the branch, but you can cut off individual blooms, place them in water tubes and space them throughout the arrangement.)

mantel-magic-step6.gifStep 6: Gently insert tubes into floral foam. (Select tubes with sharp ends, as these will go in much more smoothly.)

mantel-magic-step7.gifStep 7: Hydrangeas will look great for weeks if placed directly into floral foam; no tubes (or water) are required.

Tips for your mantel arrangement

  • To keep greens looking fresh longer, try spraying with a product such as Pokon or Pixie, which seals in moisture.
  • Check the top of the floral foam every day to make sure it's still damp. This is particularly important if the arrangement is sitting above a working fireplace. Add water as necessary.
  • Orchids will last for two to three weeks if they get enough water, so check the tubes on a regular basis and top up as needed.
  • You can purchase most of the hardware required for this project from craft stores. Michaels (The Arts and Crafts Store) has a florist supply area, as does Lewiscraft (check local listings).

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