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Preserve summer blooms with a flower press

It's summer all year long with pressed flowers from the garden

Pressing flowers in the microwave
If you don't have the time to press flowers the traditional way, you can press flowers in the microwave and have them ready in minutes. You can find microwave flower presses at craft and garden stores. This is my favourite method because flowers keep most of their colour.

  • Place your flowers between the cotton sheets that come with the microwave press. 
  • "Cook" the press in short bursts, starting at about 35 seconds and then 20 seconds for each subsequent burst until dried and pressed.
  • The press will get very hot. Remove your pressed flowers and let it cool down.

How to store your pressed flowers

If you are not going to use your pressed flowers right away, store them in a safe place, such as between paper sheets, in a plastic bag, out of the light.

Get creative with your pressed flowers
Once you're preserved your blooms, you'll want to show them off! Here are some ideas.

  • Make greeting cards, note paper and tags
  • Frame pressed flower collages under glass
  • Create a mini wreath
  • Add to Christmas ornaments
  • Press into candles and soaps


Gabriela Delworth is a freelance graphic designer, published designer and instructor. She teaches classes and workshops year-round at creative centers. She features a craft of the month on her website.


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