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Three DIY wreath projects

Gather your own fresh foliage to create these stunning holiday showpieces.

Alex Cole of Patchouli Design and Natasa Kajganic of Toronto Flower Market have created three DIY holiday wreath ideas of various complexities, using only Ontario-grown foliage that can easily be found in your backyard or on a forest walk.

They have outlined some simple steps that you can follow at home to make your very own. Use your imagination and take some creative liberties to make something unique and all your own this holiday season.

A note on wreath care: To get the most out of your wreath, spray it daily with water and replace any berries (which will eventually brown) with pinecones, a different berry or even a dried pomegranate.

Cedar dream catcher wreath


What you’ll need
  • Cedar
  • 1 branch: 2 inches wide x 12 inches long
  • 10-inch wreath frame (or bigger)
  • Floral wire
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Twine
  • Clippers/scissors
  • White glue

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