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Three DIY wreath projects

Gather your own fresh foliage to create these stunning holiday showpieces.

Putting the dream catcher wreath together

Step 1: Securing the branch accent
Attach the branch to the wreath frame with wire. This branch needs to be solid and in place before you move to the next step of making the dream catcher weave. 

Step 2:  Make the web

Using the inside ring of the wreath frame, tie a knot of twine to the top centre and begin creating the inner dream catcher webbing. You probably have twine at home, but you can replace it with different-coloured string, leather, etc.

We like the organic look of weaving in and around the branch that is attached to the frame. But you can keep the dream catcher weave behind the branch or in front of it, that’s an aesthetic decision that we leave up to you! 

Once you’ve made the inside web, you may want to use a tiny dab of glue or clear fingernail polish to help secure the final knot in the centre.

Step 3: Add the cedar
Now it’s time to fill the frame with cedar.  To do this, cut pieces approximately six inches long or slightly longer.

Once you’ve cut enough, create bundles in your hand with three to four pieces of cedar and place them on the frame. Pinch the stems together near the bottom and wrap wire around the bundle and frame several times to hold it in place.

Make a second bundle of cedar, laying it on top of the first, covering the stems of the first bundle. Hold the bundle in place and wrap the floral wire around it and the frame several times.

Continue making and attaching small bundles of cedar all the way around the wreath’s frame.

Step 4: Dangling cedar “feathers”
At this point, the base of the wreath is complete! To add the dangling accents, cut six pieces of twine to any lengths you choose.  Then, tie a small piece of cedar to the end of each piece of twine.

Fasten your feathres to the wreath frame or branch with a secure knot and trim the ends to the desired length.

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