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Three DIY wreath projects

Gather your own fresh foliage to create these stunning holiday showpieces.

Putting the minimalist branch wreath together


Step 1: Making your branch frame
Start out by creating a ring with your branch. To avoid snapping it, slowly take the ends of the branch and bend together. When you’ve got your circle made, you need to hold its shape. Use your floral wire and wrap it around the ends of the branch a few times and twist the ends of wire together to make sure the two branch ends are fastened to one another.

Step 2: Preparing the greens
Take a big branch of either cedar or pine, and clip off small bunches with your shears. Once you’ve set aside enough to fill the bottom half of your branch ring, symmetrically place your pieces around the bottom half of the loop until you are happy with the way it looks. We love the way the exposed wood looks, so we only placed the cedar halfway around the ring.  

Don’t forget to leave a little bit of room for a bow at the bottom of the frame.

Step 3: Adding the greens
When you are ready to fasten the pieces of cedar to the branch ring, start on the top right side of your wreath and go down toward the centre of the frame, covering up the wire with each bunch that you attach. Repeat on the left side.

Step 4: Tie it with a bow
For the last touch, take your favorite piece of ribbon and make a traditional bow. Don’t be afraid to set aside traditional holiday colours like red or gold and experiment with unexpected accent colours like pastels and neutrals.

Run the floral wire through the back of your bow and secure it to the base of the wreath, covering up any wires that may be visible.

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