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Three DIY wreath projects

Gather your own fresh foliage to create these stunning holiday showpieces.

Mixed green and berry wreath


What you’ll need

  • Cedar and pine
  • Holly, ilex, or another winterberry
  • 10-inch wreath ring (or bigger)
  • Floral wire
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Clippers and scissors

Step 1: Preparation
Take your cedar and pine branches, and cut off pieces that are approximately six inches in length.

Step 2: Making the cedar base
Hold three to four pieces of cedar together and securely fasten them to the frame by wrapping wire around the bundle and frame several times to hold it in place.

Make a second bundle of cedar and fasten it on top of the first, covering the stems of the neighbouring bundle.

Continue making and attaching small bundles of cedar all the way around the wreath’s frame. 

Add pine bunches as accents to the cedar, and to cover any of the frame that may be peeking out.

Step 3: Add berry accents
Once you’ve placed all the greenery on your wreath, get out your berries and cut them into pieces about 8” long.  Bunch three or four branches together and fasten the ends with wire. Once you’ve made three berry bunches, choose where they will look best and fasten with wire.

Step 4: Tie the bow
Choose your ribbon and tie it in a beautiful bow. Run the floral wire through the back of your bow and secure it to the base of the wreath by bending the wire back and wrapping it around the frame.


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