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Five ways to play with colour in the garden

Garden expert Frankie Flowers gives us the primaries on planting with colour

Planting according to colour theory

Use of only one colour with differences in shade/saturation, bloom size
and texture.
* Plant these: Cherry Tidal Wave petunia, light pink Rocky Mountain geraniums, ‘Black Dragon’ coleus (a mix of reds and pinks)

Use of colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.
* Plant these: Purple osteosper­mum, yellow pansies, golden creeping jenny (an ideal early spring container mix)

Colours closely related to each other on the colour wheel.
* Plant these: Red chrysanthe­mums and orange pansies (great for fall planting)

A fancy way of saying a mixture of many colours.
* Plant these: An explosion of perennial colour with blooms like blue delphiniums, pink echinacea, and yellow black-eyed Susans

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