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Get inspired for spring with these garden planning resources

Gardening is all about transformation—turning a barren plot of land into a verdant oasis of flora and fauna. Whether this is the year you've resolved to completely redo your backyard or simply plant a pretty border around your patio, we've got the best websites and gardens to inspire you.  

Best-laid plans
From edible borders to colourful window boxes, download planting plans, complete with scaled diagrams, plant info and helpful tips from some of the UK's top garden designers. This BBC site also features a virtual garden tool.

Get the dirt
Landscape Ontario has a quick and easy calculator that you can use to determine how much soil or mulch you'll need to cover an area of your garden. Helpful conversion charts show how many plants it takes to fill a space.

Furnish your yard
Plan-a-Garden by Better Homes & Gardens is a thorough online design tool that allows you to drag and drop landscape features and plants-from ponds and perennials to trellises and trees-right down to the exact dimensions.

10 secrets of garden designers
Get the scoop on design from top landscape architects and garden makers from across the country.

Garden design 101
Renowned landscape architect, Tom Sparling, demystifies design.

The joys of geometry in your garden
Certain proportions and forms evoke a sense of harmony and serenity.

Using colour in the landscape
Montreal landscaper Claude Cormier designs with a colourful joie de vivre.

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