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Picking a palette for your garden

Whether wild and untamed or neat and orderly, decide which colours you want to use throughout your yard

Cool colours in the garden
Easy ways to make your garden pop with blues, purples and lavenders

Working with neutrals
Use neutral shades to serve as a backdrop for the rest of your garden palette

How to use colour in the landscape
Take some cues from Montreal landscape designer Claude Cormier who designs with a colourful joie de vivre

Take a master class in colour

Nori and Sandra Pope share their expertise for achieving a hue-imbued, harmonious garden

Late-season blooms for a colourful fall garden
Make your garden come alive long after your summer blooms have disappeared

Book review: Gardening with Colour
Creative Design Ideas for Canadian Gardens
By Rob Sproule
Price: $24.95
Publisher: Lone Pine

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