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Quiz: What's your colour personality in the garden?

Determine the palette that will work in your plot

Colour is so much more than a decoration. It can affect your mood, your energy and your space. In order to choose the best colour combo for your garden, you need to tune in to your needs and pull out personality traits that you can then incorporate into your garden planning.

Grab a pencil and keep track of the letters you choose!

1. When you come home after a busy day of work the first thing you want to do is:

A. Have a long bubble bath with a good book
B. Whip up a fabulous vegetarian meal
C. Dive into one of the hobbies you have on the go
D. Sit down with a glass of wine and the latest decor magazine

2. You're redecorating your bedroom, what atmosphere are you creating:

A. A relaxing space to rejuvenate and get a great night's sleep
B. A healthy space with organic cotton sheets, soy-based candles and plenty of plants
C. A functional space that you can use for sleeping, reading and even TV watching
D. Minimalist but comfortable, you're willing to splurge on the plushest bed, but you don't need much else in this room

3. Your partner brings you home your favourite bouquet of:
A. Aromatic lavender
B. Organic roses
C. A professional flower arrangement 
D. Orchids

4. Slide open your closet door, your wardrobe:

Definitely reflects your favourite colour to wear: cool tones with a lot of blue
B. A great style with earth tones, and even some eco-friendly fabrics
C. Looks disorganized, but you know where everything is and your clothing crosses the whole colour spectrum
D. Impeccably organized with lots of neutral tones and a jolt of colour here and there for impact

5. Your desk or work space is:

A. A space you've tried to make tranquil since your job can be high stress at times
B. A comfortable space with a plant, a lamp and a carpet for warmth
C. Looks slightly dishevelled because of all the projects on the go, but there are lots of photos and personal touches
D. Feng shui, since it helps you concentrate to have a neat and pretty workspace

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