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Quiz: What's your colour personality in the garden?

Determine the palette that will work in your plot

6. Your dream garden would be:

Your own personal oasis away from the world
B. A beautiful space that attracts birds and butterflies
C. An amazing hobby space to work at on on the weekends
D. A zen space that is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, but can easily be transformed for entertaining

7. The artwork in your home:

A. Is all very relaxing to look at and you can get sucked into one piece forever
B. Has a story and was created by local artists
C. Is a collection of pieces you love that run the gamut from your children's drawings to professional pieces picked up on your last vacation
D. Is all stunning to look at, and some artists are recognizably famous

8. What colour attracts your attention?

A. Calming blue
B. Fresh green
C. Energizing orange
D. Passionate red

9. What decorative theme runs throughout your home?

A. Each room flows into the next using natural transitions and fun, decorative touches
B. Your place is exactly the way you like it with homey pieces and antique furniture that have been passed down to you
C. You don't want to stick to one unified decorating scheme, so every room is different and suites your personality
D. A lot of black, white and stainless steel with gorgeous jolts of colour in the throw pillows, artwork and other decorative touches

10. Gardens you love have:

Soothing water features and a comfy bench to take a moment
B. Wildlife feeders and houses so the space comes alive
C. Walking paths to experience the entire space
D. Statues or pieces of art placed in the perfect spots for visitors to fully appreciate them

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