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Quiz: What's your colour personality in the garden?

Determine the palette that will work in your plot

Mostly A's: Serenity now
You're looking for a serene space to unwind and spend your weekends. Lean towards cool colour groupings like turquoise, blue and white to calm your worries and alleviate the day-to-day stress. To create a tranquil garden space with these colours, consider installing a water feature, and comfortable outdoor furniture with lavender and cedar wood nearby to create an entirely stress-free, sensory experience. 

Mostly B's: Low impact, please
You're looking to create a garden space that is not only healthy for you to visit, but an oasis for your feathered and furry friends, as well. Do a search for low-care native plants that you can incorporate into the space. Key colours include soothing green, grey and brown hues with a jolt of orange to add energy.

Mostly C's: Energy, energy, energy
Your garden needs to be both beautiful but functional; a great hobby space in which you can try new things. Consider dividing up the garden and creating a space for multi-coloured fruits and vegetables. You've got a taste for the eclectic and enjoy being surrounded by a rainbow of colours. Experiment with complementary colours for intense combinations that pop.  

Mostly D's: Cool as a...
Don't confuse minimalist with boring. Your home and workspace are all interesting spaces to behold. You're very aware of the energy that flows from a space through you. In order to create a garden that meets your needs, try getting creative with fiery colour combinations of reds, yellows and oranges. De-clutter your outdoor space with proper storage.

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