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Three tricks to creating garden rooms

Julie Dansereau
Photography by
Thomas Fricke

When it comes to spatial organization, the sum of its parts can be greater than the whole

3. Growing the walls
A line of shrubs planted individually, no matter how magnificent, just can’t compete with the visual splendour of a hedgerow in full bloom. The walls separating each garden room don’t need to be very high: a tight hedgerow of roses, Spiraea latifolia or dwarf lilac is all you need to create a distinctive boundary between each area.

A border planted with flowers running alongside your hedgerow will infuse the area with colour and fragrance, though a flowerbed alone won’t create the visual separation required. You can also use a low hedgerow (lavender, peonies, boxwood, etc.) backed up with a trellis draped in clematis or other seasonal climbers like morning glory and sweet pea. If you use this combination alongside your vegetable patch, try planting a hedgerow made of runner beans or nasturtiums. If the notion of edible walls inspires you, consider planting raspberry, gooseberry or even rhubarb hedgerows.


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