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Three tricks to creating garden rooms

Julie Dansereau
Photography by
Thomas Fricke

When it comes to spatial organization, the sum of its parts can be greater than the whole

Seven ways to maximize space

1. Think diagonal
Putting in a main pathway that doesn’t follow a straight line can make your yard look longer, creating an entirely new spatial relationship.

2. Work the vertical
Tall, columnar trees help draw the eyes skyward, providing a level of height to the garden.

3. Add new levels
A deck raised a few steps above the ground adds dimension, while a sunken patio enhances privacy.

4. Play with colour
Blue and violet appear sharpest from a distance, an optical illusion that amplifies depth. Yellows and whites have the opposite effect.

5. Layer textures
The illusion of depth can be enhanced by creating layers of plantings in flowerbeds. Place one type of plant in front of another, alternating between lush and delicate foliage. 

6. Make the most of it
Low walls can be used for seating (just add cushions), benches can conceal storage spaces, and pergolas become sheds with canvas panels. Dual- or multi-purpose garden features help you save space.

7. Create perspective

An arbour with a sculpture or container placed at the far end of the sightline creates a distinct focal point.

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