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Forever in bloom

Tara Nolan
Photography by
Roger Yip

Brighten a room with an artful arrangement of everlastings

As the last flowers of summer begin to fade, those bright, cheerful colours can live on through fall and winter in arrangements consisting of everlastings, blooms that maintain their vibrancy even after being dried.

Hilary Bellis, owner of It Can Be Arranged in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., started by choosing the funky container shown above before filling it with the wild, multi-coloured assortment of lavender, Northern sea oats, seed heads, yarrow, hydrangea, Kiwi vine, cockscomb, Nigella seed heads and poppy seed heads.

Here’s how you can get the look of this arrangement:

•    Place a piece of Sahara Dry Foam in the container with florist tape. “A little trick of the trade is to weigh the container with stones or a bag of sand underneath the foam,” explains Bellis. “This then helps stop the container from tipping over when completed.”
•    Secure the flowers into the foam. “I tried to place the heavy or larger flowers, such as hydrangeas, first and the larger clumps of stems, like the lavender, next,” says Bellis.
•    Fill in the holes with the more delicate items and use Spanish moss to cover any remaining visible pieces of foam.
•    “Crown” your arrangement by placing the vine.

“If the arrangement is kept out of direct sunlight, it should last two to three years,” says Bellis. By then you should refresh it or create something entirely new.

Bellis also recommends the following tips before making your own arrangement:

•    Determine your shape based on the style of the container.
•    You want to complement the shape, not overpower it.
•    Consider where the finished piece will sit. For example, if it’s on a table, do you want people to be able to see over it? Or if it’s on a shelf or mantel, you will only need to design one side.
•    If the arrangement is placed higher up, you might also want to consider a cascading design bringing the florals down closer to the viewer.  

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