Design & Decor - Flower Arranging

A rainbow-bright fall flower arrangement

Jennifer Hughes
Photography by
Ashley Capp

Speckled dahlias have colourful companions in this vibrant bunch of blooms

Bright fuchsia ‘Mingus Toni’ dahlias give this low arrangement some seriously saturated colour punch, while clusters of sedum flowers provide fullness and texture. Stunning ‘Black Pearl’ peppers bring a dramatic dark element to the ensemble. Sarah Nixon of My Luscious Backyard used delicate touches of yellow dill flowers to complement the bits of yellow in the dahlia centres.


Shopping list
1. ‘Black Pearl’ peppers
2. ‘Mingus Toni’ semi-dwarf dahlia
3. Sweet Pea foliage
4. Dill flowers
5. Showy sedum
6. Scented geranium leaves (Pelargonium cvs.)


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