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Alstroemeria lollipops

Typically, alstroemeria look a little unexciting in a mixed arrangement, but a monochrome design maximizes their potential.

For this floral arrangement choose bright hues so the flowers almost pop in a fabulously vibrant, intense burst of color against the complementary hues of their green leaves and stems.

  • 15 orange alstroemeria
  • 15 deep pink alstroemeria
  • Seagrass cord
  • Translucent nylon thread
  • Florist’s scissors
  • 1 tall clear glass column or slightly flared vase
  • Sterilizing tablet or flower food

1 Strip the long stems of their leaves, which tend to wither, especially just below the base of the flower. Take one stem and place your hand 2–2½ in (5–6cm) below the flower head; this will be the binding point, which must be high up on the stem.

2 Add the remaining flowers—all the same color—one at a time, inserting each into the bunch at a slight angle at the point where your thumb rests, so the end of the stem points toward you and the flower points away. Turn the bunch in the same direction after you add each stem to create a slight spiral effect.

3 Tie the bunch at the binding point with a length of seagrass tied in a simple knot. Use translucent nylon thread to tie the base of the stems together.

4 Pour 6in (15cm) of water into the tall glass vase, add a sterilizing tablet or flower food, and arrange the flowers at an angle. Trim the stems of one bunch so these flowers sit slightly lower in the vase.

Insider tips
• Leave the flower stems as long as possible if you want the arrangement to look like a giant lollipop. You can adjust the scale completely by using fewer flowers and trimming the stems so they are much shorter.

• Use matching colored ribbon instead of seagrass to brighten the look further.

• Make up three arrangements and position them in a row in three identical vases for a dramatic floor or stair display.

 flower-arranging-sfa-book.jpgExcerpted from Simple Flower Arranging by Mark Welford & Stephen Wicks, Copyright © 2014 Dorling Kindersley Ltd. Photography Copyright © 2014 Carolyn Barber. Excerpted by permission of DK Publishing, New York. All rights reserved.

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