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January 2014 Issue:

Annual 2014

100+ Great Garden Ideas: Designer plant list for every garden style; roses for beginners; easy recipes for your homegrown veggies and more

Table of Contents


4 From the Editor

8 Feedback


82 Seasonal Arrangement


11 CG Market
Fresh ideas and products for better gardening

14 Smoothie of the Month
A calming chamomile tea smoothie to boost natural health and well-being

15 Healthy Ingredient
Chamomile's daisy-like flowers boast remarkable healing powers

16 Fitness Solutions
Three simple moves from personal trainer Anna Griffith

18 Stephen Speaks
Senior horticulture editor Stephen Westcott-Gratton debunks common garden myths

20 Trees We Love
The striking and tall balsam fir

21 Native Plant
We love our maidenhair fern

22 Dirty Work
The best easy techniques every gardener should know

28 Profile
Witchhazels are flamboyant harbingers of spring


32 Notes From The Potting Shed
All you need to create your own organized space, plus 10 tips

36 What's Your Garden Style?
Four classic examples to inspire a design to suit your garden character

42 Twitter Feed
Birds you can encourage to visit, and what you should offer them

48 10 Ounces of Prevention
To help you get leaps ahead on your green learning curve, potential pitfalls and how to avoid them

56 Roses for Beginners
Get to know the characteristics of each group of roses

62 A Fruitful Idea
Karen Bertelsen turns her front yard into a bountiful vegetable garden

68 Kitchen Gardener
Vegetable-based recipes from the cookbook River Cottage Veg

74 Bring on the Winter Berries
Bright splashes of winter berries provide much-needed colour against our snowy winter landscape

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