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Easy flower arrangements start with the simplest of blooms

beautiesblossom-chapter3-inset.jpgThese white flowers are winners
Whether you get your flowers from a local market, a florist or your own backyard, these whites are winners.

Ranunculus: Just as lovely in bud as in bloom, these beauties enjoy a long vase life. Known as buttercups for their yellow centres, they resonate with a feathery smooth lushness.

Hydrangeas: Large flower heads make hydrangeas versatile cut flowers; stunning as singles or grouped together for an elegantly bouncy bouquet.

Peonies: Old-fashioned favourites, these top-heavy stunners put on a splendid show as their fragrant flowers unfurl. Tie stems together below the waterline, or cut blooms and display in a small cup.

Lilacs: These quintessential country flowers with their tiny multiple blooms are great offset with bold single blossoms.

Sweet peas: Dangling, fragile-looking blooms add movement to any arrangement.

Hyacinths: A florist staple, their single, dense, fragrant spikes are bold companions to round, tight blooms.

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