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Get creative with your festive floral arrangements

Natalie Bahadur

Incorporate traditional flowers and greens with unexpected blooms in your tabletop displays

10 dos and don’ts for decorating with festive florals
Ready to get decorating? Before you start, heed these helpful hints from Duarte:

DO select your colours for the season and coordinate your flowers to your theme.

DON’T overthink your arrangements. Keep them simple and clean.

DO  order your flowers early to give your florist enough time to order the right product.

DON’T order your flowers too early in the season unless you are willing to replace them midway.

DO always change the water in your arrangements so that you don't get bacteria in your water and your flowers will last longer.

DON’T use too many colours. Stick to three colours maximum in your arrangements.

DO bulbs instead of cut flowers in areas of the home that have a good amount of light. These will last you all season long.

DO a series of medium arrangements down the middle of your dining table instead of one large arrangement. That will make it easier to incorporate your food dishes on the table.

DON’T use too many glittered objects. Just a little glitter is all you need.

DON’T forget to add water to your arrangements. Holiday greens drink lots of water. Always keep an eye on your water level.

* Check out some of Duarte's creative arrangements on the following pages.


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