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Keep your Valentine's Day bouquet blooming

Pretty flowers deserve special treatment. Here are expert tips to keep your flowers fresh long after the special day is over

Choose the right location

If you receive a gorgeous bouquet, it's only natural to want to show it off. But where you choose to place your flowers can make a huge impact on their longevity. "The cooler and less sunny your spot is, the longer your flowers are going to last," Bismonte says.

Keep the water clean
One of the most important ways to keep your flowers fresh is by keeping the water clean and bacteria-free. "We always say that if the water is clean enough for you to actually drink, then it's clean enough for the flowers," Bismonte says. "If you can change your water every day, it's definitely going to last longer."

Deadhead your bouquet

Some flowers will last longer than others, so don't be afraid to remove wilting or dead material to keep the rest of your arrangement looking fresh.

Sadly, no bouquet can last forever. But by taking proper care of your cut flowers, you can make a difference between an arrangement that graces your home for weeks and one that wilts after only a few days.


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