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Making a hand-tied bouquet

Erin McLaughlin
Photography by
Roger Yip

Create a gorgeous floral arrangement in seven simple steps

Conditioning cut flowers

1. Fill a clean, non-metallic pail with warm water (around 40°C).

2. Soak Oasis (floral foam) until it absorbs water and sinks to the bottom of the pail. Top up water with commercial preservative if desired. (Alternatively, add 15 mL of sugar and 3 mL of bleach to each litre of water.)

3. To retard bacterial growth, strip foliage from stems below waterline.

4. Recut stems on a diagonal under running water.

5. Vertically slit the ends of thick and woody stems.

6. Place stems immediately into prepared pail of water.

7. Condition flowers for a minimum of six hours in a cold, dark place (such as a basement) before arranging them for display.

—Information adapted from Snippy Tips 1: Care of Cut Flowers and Plant Material, published by The Garden Club of Toronto.


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