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Mixed flowers in jars

Showing off flowers in a simple, low-key way in separate containers captures the detail and delight of every bloom.

Use as many or as few jars as you like for this adaptable, easy flower arrangement, adding mixtures of short-stemmed garden blooms in a random but pleasing way.


  • 4 veronica
  • 6 blue delphiniums
  • 12 sweet Williams
  • 16 forget-me-not
  • 5 dark-pink dahlia
  • 4 astrantia
  • 7 flowering marjoram
  • 4 bouvardia
  • 4 pink spray roses
  • Up to 10 clean glass jars
  • Florist’s scissors
  • Colored ribbon (optional)
  • Sterilizing tablets or flower food

For each jar, trim the stems of 4 –5 mixed blooms, or a single variety of flower, making sure that the height of the flowers are not more than twice the height of the jar, and preferably shorter.

2 Half-fill a jar with water and add 1⁄4 sterilizing tablet. Arrange the flowers loosely in the jar; there is no need to spiral the stems or tie the bunch together. Repeat with the rest of the flowers and jars.

3 Tie a matching ribbon around a few of the jars if you would like to give them more of a celebratory feel. Arrange the jars on a couple of shelves, in a line along a table, or place one in front of each place setting at a dining table. The flowers will last for up to five days if you trim their stems and refresh the water.

Insider tips
• If you don’t own a garden, or can’t find this particular selection of flowers, choose varieties with medium and small flower heads in a harmonious range of colors.

• For a more rustic look, use raffia or colored string instead of ribbon.

flower-arranging-sfa-book.jpgExcerpted from Simple Flower Arranging by Mark Welford & Stephen Wicks, Copyright © 2014 Dorling Kindersley Ltd. Photography Copyright © 2014 Carolyn Barber. Excerpted by permission of DK Publishing, New York. All rights reserved.

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