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Ribbon revival

Tamara Robbins
Photography by
Roger Yip

A plain glass vase gets a revival with pretty ribbons

Transform even the plainest glass vase into something special by affixing colourful satin ribbons with easy-to-remove, double-sided tape. Here, wide and narrow ribbons are layered to echo the purple, yellow and green colours of the tulips, daffodils and ranunculus. Each bunch of flowers is gathered into a posy and tied just below the blooms. The posies are then cut to a uniform length and placed side by side in the vase.

Note: daffodils [Narcissus spp.] emit a slimy, alkaloid substance that can adversely affect the life of other cut flowers. Before using narcissi in a mixed arrangement, condition them for a few hours in a separate container of water. In a rush? Segregate the daffs in a smaller vase and insert this into the larger container.

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